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Shakespearean Myth: The Unveiling of the Tyrannical Principal or, Ode to Abraham Lincoln

I created this website because I quickly realized I would not find publishing opportunities within Shakespearean academic journals, or journals that upheld the Shakespearean paradigm.  Not with my research. In the realm of ‘University Shakespeare’ the authorship question is not considered a valid line of scholarly inquiry.  The man from Stratford, William Shakespeare, is Shakespeare, and that is that.  Question closed.

This I find to be ironic, because 1). academia should be based on inquiry and the scientific method.  Investigation of new ideas should be allowed.  It should not be devoted to exclusively supporting an industry.  And 2). the Shakespeare industry is built on a huge fictional fantasy that can be traced back through time, perhaps really taking off with the Shakespeare Jubilee of 1769 which cemented the new found monument of bardolatry.  The two ideas were easily wedded.

I’ve diligently been investigating this huge conundrum, unraveling bits and pieces at a time and placing the pieces where I best see fit.  My aim is not to start another problem. Another puzzle.  I aim to get at the truth.  Much of what I write can be debated and I encourage healthy debate.  It helps fuel the fire of discernment.

Realize this – until a piece of hard evidence is found for Shakespeare, the jury will forced to deliberate circumstantial evidence.  But William Shakspeare from Stratford was founded on a lot less, so this task isn’t as hard as you think.  It just takes a bit of inquiry, a bit of investigation.

I think, if I say believe it sounds a bit religious, and Shakespeare, it seems has already risen to that level: as David Garrick said at the Shakespeare Jubilee unveiling of the divine William statue, “tis he, ’tis he, / The God of our idolatry.”  Could he have been anymore blunt?  So what I currently think is this.  I am of the mind that Christopher Marlowe survived Deptford, wrote the plays with the help with some of his friends, namely Mary Sidney and Emelia Lanier.  There may have been other writers but the plays I feel are noticeably feminine.  When you have read as much fiction and have wrote as much fiction as I have, you get a feeling for the distinction of the male and female voice.

This site is an ongoing and evolving effort in solving the authorship question.  I try to remain unbiased, but realize since I already have a theory and opinions and research and ideas built around each other – woven together; I have developed an attachment.  While bias remains I must remain aware of it and work against it.  And that is what a good historical detective should always do.

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