England, Venice and Shakespeare

Consolidation of the Venetian party in England was above all a question of culture.

Francesco Zorzi (aka as Francesco Giorgi) was a great influence on certain Elizabethan poets like Sir Philip Sydney, as well as the immensely popular Edmund Spenser, the author of the long narrative poem The Fairy Queen.

Spenser is a key source for English imperial destiny, as God’s chosen people, with broad early hints of British Israelism.

Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare both attacked Zorzi’s influence in plays such as Doctor Faustus and Othello.

John Milton is an example of a pro-Venetian Puritan of the Cromwell commonwealth period. Milton taught that the Son of God is inferior to the Father and was a contemporary of Sabbatai Zevi, a false messiah from Smyrna, Turkey, whose father was an agent for English Puritan merchants.

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