Shakespeare: The Evidence

Ros Barber, author of The Marlowe Papers, of which I recently wrote a review, has complied a compendium of all the known evidence related to Shakespeare.  The great thing about this document is that it updated for free, so when new information is discovered and transcribed you can simply update and remain current.  This is a great idea for Shakespearean scholars who must constantly sift through countless sources concerning the authorship question.

Ms Barber adds that, “Shakespeare: The Evidence is the first book on the Shakespeare authorship question to gather together all the evidence, arguments and counter-arguments for and against Shakespeare’s authorship.  It will be in the form of a searchable, hyperlinked e-book, available in all e-book formats, and published in installments via the Leanpub platform.  . . . I hope it will be of interest not just those already involved in the Question, but of those who would like to understand better exactly why Shakespeare’s authorship of the works attributed to him has been challenged openly for over 150 years.

Leanpub encourages its authors to participate in a pay-what-you-choose system. The suggested price at launch will be $20 but those on low incomes, or indeed, those who are curious about but not committed to the authorship question, will be more likely to buy the book if there is a lower minimum price ($15). Those who understand what a useful resource the book will be, and want to help the project progress faster can pay more. Since I first began work on the book and set up the page at six months ago, people have pledged how much they’d be willing to pay for it. The highest amount pledged so far was $50 and the average is $22.  Essentially, the more money that comes in, the more time I will be able to give to working on the project.”

Ros Barber quotes were gleaned from from the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship.

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