Ted Hughes, the Crow and the Holy See

Ted Hughes, the Crow and the Holy See

Ted Hughes, wife of the famous poet Sylvia Plath, believed that Christopher Marlowe was Shakespeare.  He liked crows, the occult, and the mnemonic (memory aid) use of poetry as a magical tool.

He also states in a letter to Alan Bold that, “Crow is the bird of Bran, is the oldest and highest totem creature of Britain …  England pretends to a lion – but that is a late fake import. England’s autochthonous Totem is the Crow. Whatever the colour of Englishman you scratch you come to some sort of crow.”[1]

Hughes describes Crow as wandering around the universe in search of his female Creator.[2]

What would Hughes say now, about the Catholic Church and the British Crown, implicated in a huge pedophile scandal of devouring Earth’s children?  

pope francis and children release dove that is attacked by dove

doves attack at vatican

crow attacks dov at vatican

Would he say something like this? Crow does not like the holy SEE illuminati EYE…

Or this?

Unholy see

Eye of illuminati

Plucked out as Thoth’s

Feather Gaia


I wonder.

[1] Cambridge Book of English Verse 1939-1975. Alan Bold. (Mar 4, 1976) p. 234

[2] Crow: Ted Hughes Society Journal. Neil Roberts. (London: Faber & Faber, 1970) http://www.thetedhughessociety.org/crow.htm

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