Queen Elizabeth’s Favourite Magician

John Dee and Queen Elizabeth
John Dee and Queen Elizabeth

John Dee was a magician. John Dee was also astrologer and advisor to Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth favored him greatly, and, as magick would have it, Dee trumped the Spanish Armada, giving the English Navy a definite advantage over the the dreaded Papists headed by the Roman Church and their never ending intrigues concerning Elizabeth’s life.

It seemed that Dee fell in with a certain conjurer named Edward Kelley, a type of magician himself. Apparently Dee and Kelly developed a type of Enochian magick they believed to be channeled through angelic beings.  Little did they know they were dealing with the opposite type of beings from angelic: trickster demon beings.

John Dee and Edward Kelley
John Dee and Edward Kelley


“…the two ended up under the influence of dangerous entities who communicated with them using a mirror as a shew-stone, one of many polished translucent or reflective objects the Elizabethan mathematician used as tools for occult research.”¹

Christopher Marlowe tried to warn many of his compatriots involved in secret societies and the occult of the danger of this type of channeling in Dr Faustus:

Cut is the branch that might have grown full straight,
And burned is Apollo’s laurel bough,
That sometime grew within this learned man.
Faustus is gone, regard his hellish fall,
Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise
Only to wonder at unlawful things,
Whose deepness doth entice such forward wits,
To practice more than heavenly power permits.²

Most specifically he was warning Dee of these dangers of 1. His ego in regards to his successes in dealing with the ‘supernatural’ world of energetic beings and 2. The nature of these trickster beings. Because being a trickster being you can say anything you want, and perhaps people will believe you. Kind of like politicians.

And just like yesterday, black magicians are at the heart of many secret societies and intelligence agencies. Even today British secret services use Dee’s scrying tools to divine the future and plot against their enemies. You can even find these items in a particular museum.

“The British Museum also has other objects associated with John Dee that the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS; also known as “MI6”), apparently still use to this day (including the mirror). This is according to [an] ex-O.T.O Caliphate member…”³


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