In the Shadow of Shakespeare


Time Travel Mystery


355 Pages. pdf



Teacher by day playwright by night, Alice Petrovka is pushed to her limits. But something is conspiring to push her further…possibly over the edge. The past begins to impose itself on the present as a famous Renaissance playwright demands to be heard. And seen. Alice’s psychologist husband is convinced she is losing her sanity when she tells him of these strange occurrences.

As Alice desperately tries to balance the toxic cocktail of the past mixing with the present, she is thrown backward in time to Elizabethan England where she delves into a world of spies and playmakers. A world where theatre and espionage blend together in an impenetrable mix of plots and counterplots.

Alice tries to understand the complicated romance she finds herself in and learns that history is not what she once thought it was.
Once propelled back into the present she struggles to find evidence to support the truth of what she knows and finds herself in deep peril. Someone is guarding the past from investigation and will stop at nothing to thwart her efforts. Including murder.

355 pages. Includes an Author’s Note and Bibliography. pdf

You can also purchase this novel at Amazon as a paperback or on Kindle.

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